IMG 2797VOREK LTD. - Stara Zagora was established in 2000. The main activities of the company is construction, repair, finishing works of buildings and equipment and investment. The company has invested in the construction of residential and public buildings. It offers quality construction works in short terms.

Our customers are from Bulgaria, Europe, North America and Asia.

Since the establishment of the company in 2000 sole shareholder of VOREK LTD Stara Zagora is Georgi Meranzov Keranov.

Directors: Georgi Keranov and Martin Neshev.

VOREK LTD Stara Zagora is a member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and it is listed in the Central Register of the Professional Builders for the following types of construction:

First group of high-rise construction, infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities pursuant to art. 5 par. 4 of the Rules of procedure for recording and keeping of the Central Register of the Professional Builders /RPRKCRPB/.
Construction works from third to fifth categories according to Art. 5 par. 6 RPRKCRPB.

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The fifth group of separate types of construction works (according to 'Construction' of the CEA-2008).
The company complies with all established national and European standards for safety and environmental protection.

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Stara Zagora is a city located in southern Bulgaria. Thanks to its geographical location it is one of the major economic centers in the country. Today Stara Zagora is a beautiful and dynamic industrial city, a university center, with many scientific and cultural institutes. A city with a rich historical past that faces the challenges of the future.
City of the poets and artists, the straight streets and the lime trees!